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Product update: Model Comparison Page

We're excited to introduce you to our redesigned Model Comparison page! Based on your valuable feedback, we've made significant updates to enhance your data analysis experience. This new design adds some cool features that make it easier and faster for you to work with data. Get a closer look at these game-changing innovations that will help you work smarter with data. Read More

Meta's Ad-Free Subscription Model Draws Criticism from Privacy Advocates

In a recent development, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, launched a paid subscription service offering ad-free access to its platforms in the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland. While Meta claims this move aims to provide users with more choices, it's met with criticism and pushback from privacy advocates and organizations. Read More

Product update: Configurable Dashboards

With the introduction of Configurable Dashboards Roivenue presents its latest feature, simplifying workflows and enhancing reporting. Customize and adjust dashboards effortlessly, whether for personal use or seamless sharing with others! Read More

Product update: Filter Panel

Discover the latest upgrade designed to make your experience even more seamless: the enhanced Filter Panel. We understand that your preferences matter. That's why, in our latest update, we're putting the power in your hands—customize the filter panel to match your needs effortlessly. Read More

How Data-driven Attribution Works in Google Analytics 4

In the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing, understanding how user interactions impact conversion probabilities is a key to success. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has introduced a new approach to attribution modeling, offering insights into the customer journey. In this article, we are going to explain the methodology behind this data-driven attribution model. Read More

Data-driven Attribution in Google Analytics 4: All you need to know and comparison with independent Data-driven Attribution Model

Google has recently completed a significant overhaul in web measurement, marking the end of Universal Analytics – a long-standing industry standard for the past nine years. The change encompasses more than just... Read More

Case Study – Robot World

Robot World is a company that specialises in home and garden robots, specifically robotic vacuum cleaners, pool vacuum cleaners and robotic mowers. They have also succeeded in penetrating the growing market with programmable toys. Robot World differentiated themselves by selling high-quality products only – each of which they personally tested and... Read More

Webinar: Demystifying GA4 – the facts on attribution modeling in Google Analytics

With the recent shift from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the digital world has undergone a significant transformation. GA4 introduces Data-Driven Attribution (DDA) modeling, but its practicality has left marketers with questions. In our upcoming webinar... Read More

🔑Unlocking New Possibilities: Roivenue’s Summer Product Update

As the summer sun shines upon us, Roivenue is here to brighten your day with exciting updates and enhancements to our platform. In this blog post, we'll take you through the highlights of our summer product release, showcasing how Roivenue continues to empower marketers and advertisers. From seamless exports to Google BigQuery, improved credential management, and tantalizing glimpses of upcoming features, there's plenty to be excited about. Let's dive in! Read More

Can you trust GA4 DDA (data driven attribution)?

GA4 DDA is an easy-to-use attribution model; however, like any machine–learning based model, DDA is a black box. It is therefore fair to ask: can you trust GA4 DDA attribution data? Read More

How to break walled gardens and properly assess top of funnel campaigns

Expondo enhances top-of-funnel ad evaluation with ROIVENUE Synthetic Touch. By combining Google Analytics and Facebook data, the tool provides accurate insights, showcasing significant improvements in Facebook ad efficiency. This informs strategic decisions and lays the groundwork for future expansion. Read More

Roivenue product update: May 2023

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2013, Facebook closed off their impression data to third-party measurement tools, meaning that objective evaluation of 25% of global digital ad revenue has been impossible to achieve for years. Read More

Webinar : Walled Gardens of Facebook (and others) FINALLY CRACKED: Introducing Synthetic Impressions™

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2013, Facebook closed off their impression data to third-party measurement tools, meaning that objective evaluation of 25% of global digital ad revenue has been impossible to achieve for years. All that is changing now, thanks to Roivenue’s Synthetic Touchpoints technology. Read More

The Luxury Closet Improved Return on Marketing by 17% Within 1 Month of Using Roivenue

The Luxury Closet is an established player in the high-end fashion industry. This was achieved by systematically improving internal processes and focusing on using the right data to drive decisions. In the complicated world of modern online marketing, they had been feeling that using only Google Analytics data is holding them back and preventing them from further growth, and so they decided to do something about this.  Read More

Roivenue is joining forces with ScanmarQED. The Acquisition will provide a world-class data-driven solution for Marketers

Today, we are proudly announcing that we were acquired by the Netherlands based company, ScanmarQED, which shares a very similar vision and will allow us to get smart analytics tech to marketers around the world much faster. Read More

First Free Trial AI Attribution on Earth Just Launched

After months of hard work, Roivenue finished the Free Trial feature which allows anyone to create an account in 15 minutes and try Roivenue for free. Our webinar brings a detailed overview of the process to show marketers the new functionality. Read More

7 Tips How to Save Your Marketing Budget with Data-Driven Decisions

We're launching a series of training sessions delivered by hand-picked experts! Join us on our never ending quest to provide the wisdom for marketers. Read More

Introducing: The ROIVENUE Masterclass Sessions

We're delighted to announce that we received the title of "High Performer" in the marketing attribution category Read More

Introducing ROIVENUE 2.0

AI-powered attribution, more granular data, touchpoint-level attribution and more. Learn why ROIVENUE 2.0 is the best analytics, optimization and attribution software for ecommerce. Read More

G2 Names ROIVENUE "High Performer" in Marketing Attribution

We're delighted to announce that we received the title of "High Performer" in the marketing attribution category Read More

How Datart Beat Its Own Revenue Targets | Attribution Case Study

Learn how Datart used attribution to reallocate budgets among channels and drive incremental growth Read More

How to Quadruple E-commerce Sales | Attribution Case Study

Learn how furniture retailer Selsey utilized multi-touch attribution to grow campaign revenue four times and marketing ROI by 65%. Read More

Nail Down the Exact ROI of Your Channels | Case Study – Vodafone Czech Republic

Connect your Adobe Analytics data with cost data using ROIVENUE AI Data-driven attribution and Data feeds feature. Read More

How Big Players Achieved Effectivity and Growth | Continuous Improvement Cycle

This four-step process helps you to structure a series of tests into tasks. Thanks to this, evaluating the outcome is easier and helps you improve over time by making progress systematic. Read More

Faster, Simpler, Better - ROIVENUE Data Exports 2.0.

With the new ROIVENUE™ Data Exports 2.0, you are now able to easily get any performance marketing data to any platform you want to work with within a few minutes. Read More

Another Great Step Towards The Final Solution of The Attribution Problem? Introducing: Machine Learning RNN Attribution

We are introducing the all new data-driven attribution model based on artificial intelligence and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN). Read More

Six Decisive Reasons Why You Should Start Using Power BI Right Now

We’re big fans of Power BI. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that our clients are as well. Read More

The biggest change in ROIVENUE history. YES, we now have a free plan.

Read More

Econea Sees Positive ROI Using ROIVENUE Within the First 3 Months

Recommendations based on ROIVENUE's data-driven attribution models saved Econea over 15% of its total monthly marketing budget during the first wave of optimization. Read More

How to simplify your multi-channel attribution strategy

Do you have a comprehensive understanding of one of the most essential parts of the digital marketing world? Read More

What every e-commerce CMO needs to know for 2019

Are you positioned for the continual digitalization of marketing efforts? Read More

How to Kickstart Your Referral Program From Scratch

Word of mouth can take you places. We’ve compiled a list of examples that will inspire you to build a highly functional referral marketing game for your own store. Read More

The Difference Between Analysis and Attribution

Data is useless unless it enables action. In this article we take a brief dive into data analysis and how attribution changes everything. Read More

Effectively Allocating Your Budget Across Channels

Analyzing and understanding the entire customer journey for your business is both a complex and vital part of your strategy. We break it down for you in 500 words. Read More

The Difference Between Rule-based and Data-driven Attribution

What’s the right attribution model for measuring and optimizing campaign performance? How it helps you understand where to allocate advertising budget and focus marketing resources? Find out what the analytics experts recommend. Read More

Discovering Multi-Touch Attribution

The increasing demand for in depth-data analysis brings along an inevitable demand for a detailed data attribution model that allows marketers to credit all touch-points more precisely. Read More

180% Increase in ROI from Affiliates

Separating affiliate partners who bring real value from those who are only cannibalizing your marketing budget can be a nightmare. Read how Axa Assistance separated the good from the bad with ROIVENUE's Attribution Solution. Read More

Orange Doubles Revenue Thanks to Ad Impression Attribution

Read about how with a smarter budget redistribution Orange and Digline were able to double sales revenue with the same ROAS. Read More

Connecting Marketing Data and CRM with ROIVENUE™ Data Integration

When it comes to tracking your business performance, you don't have to limit yourself to your internal database. Explore how Sazka, GroupM, and Ušetř are connecting their data and finding new success. Read More

Acquiring and Retaining Better Clients

We helped this lender mitigate risk through targeting better clients and improving its online loan application processes. Read More

Customer Acquisition up 36% on the Same Marketing Spend

Read about how we helped this vibrant e-shop ( use its data more effectively to increase its customer base in the most cost-effective way possible. Read More

Achieving 120% YOY Growth

What does it take to manage 14 E-Shops in seven countries? Read about how we helped achieve 120% year-over-year growth on an E-Commerce project and sped up the whole process of growth and decision making. Read More

Slevomat Rides the ROIVENUE™ Wave to Growth

Learn how you can increase revenue while keeping the same marketing budget as ROIVENUE™ did with Slevomat. Read More

An Introduction to Marketing Attribution

Not all attribution models are built the same. Here's what you need to know. From first touch to last touch, all the way to Markov Chains, Martin Faith breaks down the types of attribution models with real life examples. Read More

Getting Started with Microsoft Power BI

Excel is great, but Microsoft Power BI is just too enhanced not to use. It's incredible capabilities can be utilized for data viz and much more. Read More

Manage Complex Marketing Environments

Watch as Tomáš Mikletič discusses which marketing tools are the best for managing complex environments. Read More

Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing ROI

You have the data, what can you do with it? What tools and mindset will you need to succeed? Allow us to advise you how to invest intelligently. Read More

Google Attribution Is Finally Going to Solve All Marketers Problems

​Or is It? Maybe, maybe not. Read up on why independent data is the key to sound, reliable measurement, and how ROIVENUE™ works its magic. Read More

Here's Why We Decided to Give 10% of the Company to Our Employees

Roivenue is defined by our incredible colleagues who believe there's a better way of digital marketing and are willing to do what it takes to prove to the world that it is the case. We want people to love it here. Read More

5 Reasons Why Google Analytics Isn't Enough

Getting the most out of the data flowing into your business can be challenging. Native and free tools are a good start, but they can't do everything. Read More

ROIVENUE Grew By 430% YOY and Is Doubling Down on Its Attribution Product ​

2017 was a very fortunate year for us here at Roivenue.​ Doubling the team, doubling our clients, product improvements, new offices in three new countries and much more. See what's new! Read More

​ROIVENUE Gets up to 2,2M€ ​to Scale Its Attribution and Data Integration Suite

For a long time, we thought bootstrapping was the way to go... But now we've found the perfect partner in crime for our international expansion. Read More

Attribution Modelling for Dummies (And Marketers)

Our CEO, Pavel Sima wrote a short recap of different attribution models using simple, real-life metaphors. Finally you will be able to understand them and recall them with ease. Read More

Don't Worry About Your Privacy: Roivenue's Take on GDPR

Roivenue values the privacy of it's clients as well as it's clients users; here is a quick summary on our approach. Read More

The Biggest Trends We Spotted at DMEXCO 2018: Attribution, CLV and CMO-CFO relationships

DMEXCO is the best place to learn about trends in digital for the upcoming year. Our own Jan Randus distilled the trends for you and it all boils down to these three (plus one) topics. Read More

The Marketing Beast: 50/50 Offer for Growing E-Commerce Tigers

Read on if you are an e-commerce tiger who grow so fast that everything is in constant flux. Read More

Google Analytics skews 20% of your Conversion Data

Have you ever heard of Campaign timeout setting within Google Analytics? Almost no one has and it is skewing most of your data. Let's have a look at the problem and how can we fix it. Read More

​ROIVENUE Has Been Ranked Within the TOP 15 Marketing Attribution Vendors

Research and Markets has named ROIVENUE™ as one of the TOP 15 major vendors offering multi-touch marketing attribution software and services worldwide. Read More

ROIVENUE Is Set to Save UK Retailers Billions

There are different ways to measure your marketing ROI, but the best one by far is multi-touch data-driven attribution. Watch the full interview of our CEO, Pavel Sima for Business Reporter. Read More