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Uncover the true value of every touchpoint

Traditional attribution models can’t handle today’s complex customer journeys. Roivenue’s AI-driven attribution uses behaviroal data to cut through the noise to reveal the true impact of each marketing channel, campaign or creative.

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Data from different devices processed by AI to one customer journey

Cut through the noise with AI‑powered behavioral analysis

Identical-looking customer journeys can hide vastly different stories. The most impactful touchpoints may vary depending on channel, timing, and specific user interactions. That’s why Roivenue’s AI-driven attribution analyzes over 10 behavioral parameters per touchpoint using recurrent neural net – RNN to pinpoint the interactions that drive conversions and expose those wasting your budget.

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Flexible models for every marketing goal & dimension

Your business is unique, your attribution model should be too. Roivenue’s AI model offers flexibility to match your specific business objectives. It is calculated at a touchpoint level and works for multiple conversion types at once across any dimension. No more generic models, only tailored insights for your success.

AI with customizable settings
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Build multiple attribution models to really understand your customers

Unlock deeper insights with multiple attribution models. Set up each model with distinct rules for matching journeys, credit distribution, lookback windows, and more. Gain a nuanced understanding of your data and optimize your marketing strategy with unparalleled precision.

How it works

Model Training

Our proprietary AI model is trained on your website's customer journey data. This process involves analyzing patterns across thousands of user interactions, clicks, and impressions to identify the touchpoints contributing to conversions the most.

Probability Estimation

After training, our model estimates the contribution of each touchpoint to the overall conversion probability. It distinguishes between high-impact interactions (e.g., long browsing sessions) and low-impact ones (e.g., single page views with a bounce), providing an accurate foundation for data-driven marketing decisions.

Channel Scoring

Lastly, using the estimated impact of each interaction, Roivenue assigns credit based on the degree to which a touchpoint increased the likelihood of conversion. This ensures that high-impact touchpoints are recognized and rewarded, guiding your marketing strategy toward what truly works.

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Roivenue’s data-driven attribution analysis has significantly altered our approach to measuring channel effectiveness. By reallocating our budget based on these insights, we’ve noticed a gradual improvement in overall performance.

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Performance Manager, Astratex

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