Game changing attribution
for Walled Gardens 

Unleash the power of AI-driven attribution model, overcome the challenge of Walled Gardens and drive profitable growth via better marketing budget allocations! 

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Tearing the walls down in attribution since 2015

Do you know the true ROI of your upper funnel activities?

With our Synthetic Impressions™, now you do!

Finally understand what is happening with your Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube campaigns and any other places where you serve display ads.

Our game changing Synthetic Impression™ methodology allows you to finally get a true performance pictures of campaigns you run on all Walled Gardens.
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Free Webinar: Walled Gardens of Facebook (and others) FINALLY CRACKED: Introducing Synthetic Impressions™

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018, Facebook closed off their impression data to third-party measurement tools, meaning that objective evaluation of 25% of global digital ad revenue has been impossible to achieve for years.

To exacerbate this, many other platforms – including Pinterest, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Youtube – followed suit making measurement and attribution going beyond clicks highly unreliable to say the least. All that is changing now, thanks to Roivenue’s Synthetic Touchpoints technology.
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Here’s What Our Customer Say

Tomas Kral
Online Performance Manager, Datart

Beating our own revenue targets

Thanks to Roivenue’s data-driven attribution analysis we were finally able to understand each channel’s true effectiveness. When we reallocated budgets towards the best-performing ones, we immediately saw an uplift in the overall performance.

Lukas Prikryl
CMO, AXA Assistance

180% increase in ROI from affiliates

Attribution analysis from Roivenue provided us with insights that are critical for our long term mission of increasing ROI from our affiliate program.

Martin Mates
CMO & co-founder, Econea

Saving 15% of marketing budget

Cooperation with Roivenue is a huge step forward. We can see that hard work in weekly evaluation of marketing activities and data-driven decisions based on data we can trust is paying-off.

Frantisek Olejar
Data Engineer, Factcool

Saving 10 hours a week on manual exports from ad platforms

With Roivenue connectors we have campaign data from all advertising platforms in Azure. Data gets refreshed automatically and my team can now focus on the actual analytics work instead of burning time on gathering the data.

Matus Kristofik
Knowledge Manager, Digiline

Doubling revenue thanks to ad impression attribution

Thanks to the impression level attribution, we found out that different ad placements had dramatically different ROAS down the road and were able to distribute our budget more effectively.

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Award winning leading AI Attribution model for the most precise ROI determination of all of your campaigns 

We feed our RNN (reccurent neural nets) Model sequences of touchpoints of all customer journeys. The network trains itself based on over 20 different parameters  to ensure the best results. Moreover, the model can be customized to consider additional parameters if necessary. All that so you know precisely the real contribution of every dollar spent. 

Get the full picture about your marketing budget ROI, and optimize your ad spend. 

Our AI-based predictive model tells you how to reallocate your budget among channels for maximum performance. Depending on your marketing goals, you can optimize advertising channels for profit or revenue. 

Track all clicks and impressions. Futureproofed and cross-device!  

Forget cookies. Our Synthetic Impression methodology does not rely on 3rd party cookies. As we are leveraging Walled Gardens data we are also able to provide cross-device attribution. 

Solutions for companies at all
stages of analytics maturity

Whether you just started an online store or are selling all over the world, we make sure you
have the right data to make the most out of your ad spend.


Get your data

Our connectors extract your marketing data from analytics as well as advertising platforms and export it into a spreadsheet or database.
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engineering Data integration

Integrate & analyze your data

We bring all your advertising and analytics data into one place. Our dashboard gives you an instantaneous overview of performance as well as the ability to zoom in on any metric with a single click.

PRO Tip: Optimize for profit

Set up a feed from your internal system to track marketing profit from channels, campaigns or ad groups.

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Know the truth

The customer journey does not consist of just a single touchpoint.

Data-driven attribution enables you to understand the true contribution of each channel. It gives you the datapoints to allocate budgets for maximum performance.

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precision_manufacturing Budget Optimizer

Put your data in action

Our AI-based predictive model tells you how to reallocate your budget among channels for maximum performance. Depending on your marketing goals, you can optimize advertising channels for profit or revenue.
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Our Clients

180% ROI growth from affiliate channels, doubling campaign revenue, saving 15% of marketing budget while maintaining revenue.

Discover how data-driven marketers are making more money from campaigns.

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