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Roivenue for Performance managers

Maximize ROAS: uncover hidden growth opportunities

Stop wasting budget on ineffective campaigns. Use AI‑attribution to confidently shift your spending in upper-funnel campaigns.

Performance manager with quote on right side
Performance manager with quote on right side
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Optimize upper-funnel with Data-Driven insights

Stop justifying brand awareness spend. Measure its true impact with Roivenue Synthetic Impressions. Reveal its contribution to long-term growth, optimize your budget with data-driven confidence, and confidently defend your marketing decisions.

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Incomplete data limiting your campaigns?

Relying only on cookies leads to misinformed decisions, wasted opportunities, and under-performing campaigns. Embrace the future of measurement with Roivenue cookieless measurement and fuel your campaigns with over 20% more data. Optimize campaigns with confidence and unlock full potential of AI modeling.

Puzzle piece with Roivenue logo added to complete the puzzle
screenshot of Roivenue Chrome plugin on the web browser

Use Roivenue Chrome Plugin in your ad platforms

Work smarter with Roivenue insights directly within your ad platforms allowing for powerful optimization. Automate bidding strategies, or show AI-driven data directly in platform reporting.

Features you’ll love

Roivenue AI-driven attribution model weighting conversion share across different platforms
AI-driven Attribution Model

Discover the precise impact of each touchpoint on ROI and make smarter decisions. Our machine learning model automatically works across data granularities, empowering both strategic and day-to-day optimization.

impression, tracking pixel, notebook
Roivenue Impression Pixel

Unlock the true ROI of display campaigns. Roivenue Measurement tracks impressions and combines them with on-site behavior for a complete view of the customer journey. Allows you to measure brand-awareness efforts with confidence.

impressions from youtube, instagram, pinterest, snapchat, tiktok, facebook, google ads
Synthetic Impressions

Demystify walled-garden performance with unique Synthetic Impressions methodology. Measure the true impact of impressions in Meta, YouTube, TikTok and in other platforms on your profit.

Roivenue detecting one user across tablet, notebook, and mobile devices
Identity Resolution

Unify customer journeys across devices, sessions and channels. Our AI-powered identity resolution gives you the complete customer view that cookie-based approach can't provide.

export from roivenue to google ads to optimize bidding
Automatic Bidding

Simplify ad optimization with AI-driven conversion data. Seamlessly import results to your ad platforms and let their algorithms maximize campaign performance.

plugin for chrome, extension
Roivenue Chrome Plugin

Embed AI-driven insights directly into your ad platforms. Empower every stakeholder with immediate access to Roivenue data they need, where they need it.

roivenue application, performance analysis
Performance Analysis

Gain speed and clarity for agile marketing management. Performance Analysis immediately uncovers gaps in your marketing mix, KPI correlations, and long-term performance trends.

roivenue application, dimension breakdown
Dimension Breakdown

Understand what drives results by drilling down into performance data by country, platform, campaign, and other dimensions. Discover the channels that truly contribute to sales.

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Roivenue sheds another layer of light on how our marketing investments contribute to driving revenue, particularly concerning tactics such as social media marketing. It equips us with the knowledge to make informed decisions and enables us to confidently expand and invest in channels we had previously approached with caution. Furthermore, the data has assisted us in optimizing the channels we were already heavily invested in.

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Justin De Los Santos

Marketing Manager, Belami

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