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Roivenue: everything you need for maximum ROI

Roivenue combines all your marketing data, applies advanced machine learning modeling techniques, and delivers actionable insights to empower data-driven decision-making.

Roivenue application with graph showing integration of clicks and impressions
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Publicis Groupe

Collect & harmonize data

Data from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Google Ads flowing through connectors to Roivenue

Automate marketing data downloads from 70+ ad platforms for always-fresh attribution results.

Graph in Roivenue application showing gross profit and gross margin
Margin Integration

Complete the data with backend insights for maximum profit optimization. Include returns, cancellations, and more to get precise ROI reporting. Use this data to enhance your CLV & CAC analysis.

Data from various devices migrated through the cloud to Roivenue
Roivenue Measurement

Go beyond cookie limitations. Deploy Roivenue Measurement for accurate cross-device tracking. Get the first-party data you need, combined with all your other data for powerful attribution while staying 100% GDPR compliant.

impression, tracking pixel, notebook
Roivenue Impression Pixel

Unlock the true ROI of display campaigns. Roivenue Measurement tracks impressions and combines them with on-site behavior for a complete view of the customer journey. Allows you to measure brand-awareness efforts with confidence.

Roivenue application, custom dimensions
Custom Dimensions

Get the insights you need, the way you need them. Create custom dimensions that mirror your team's internal logic. Gain a deeper understanding of your data for informed decision-making.

Roivenue application, custommeasures
Custom Measures

Unlock deeper insights with custom marketing metrics. Calculate any KPI relevant to your business alongside our extensive built-in options.

Roivenue application, other expenses
Other Expenses

Track all marketing costs in one place. Import offline expenses, direct deals, and more into Roivenue for a complete financial understanding of your marketing initiatives.

export from roivenue application to lookers studio, aws, azure, csv

Integrate Roivenue data with Microsoft Azure, Google BigQuery, Amazon S3, and more. Export daily for always-fresh insights, alowing you to create comprehensive data analytics within your warehouse.

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The reports based on the exports from Roivenue became a game-changer for us! The wave of enthusiasm was spreading from department to department and after some time we’ve realised that our daily work is much easier and smoother now. It did move our business forward.

Head of Country Managers

Hana Svobodova

Head of Country Managers, Robot World

Model & attribute

impressions from youtube, instagram, pinterest, snapchat, tiktok, facebook, google ads
Synthetic Impressions

Demystify walled-garden performance with unique Synthetic Impressions methodology. Measure the true impact of impressions in Meta, YouTube, TikTok and other platforms on your profit.

features_attribution_customer journey
Customer Journeys

Combine impressions and visits from all sources for a complete customer journey view. Discover which channels drive acquisition, conversions, and maximize CLV.

Roivenue detecting one user across tablet, notebook, and mobile devices
Identity Resolution

Unify customer journeys across devices, sessions and channels. Our AI-powered identity resolution gives you the complete customer view that cookie-based approach can't provide.

Roivenue AI-driven attribution model weighting conversion share across different platforms
AI-driven Attribution Model

Discover the precise impact of each touchpoint on ROI and make smarter decisions. Our machine learning model automatically works across data granularities, empowering both strategic and day-to-day optimization.

Graph comparing last touch and AI-driven attribution models
Model Comparison

Analyze attribution models side-by-side to reveal potential savings and growth opportunities. Quickly identify platforms' potential and the true impact of upper-funnel campaigns.

AI with customizable settings
Attribution Customization

Go beyond one-size-fits-all attribution. Customize our AI-driven model to your needs, test for the perfect fit, and unlock truly tailored insights for data-driven marketing.

customer journey ending with conversions: purchase, click, email signup
Multiple Conversion Goals

Unlock deeper marketing insights with flexible conversion tracking. Define and track secondary conversions like leads, quotes or sign-ups. See how each step contributes to your business goals.

Export of detailed customer journey with touchpoints
Raw Path Export

Empower your data team with touchpoint-level dataset. Utilize the raw data for unlimited analyses like CLV projections, unique attribution models, discount code impact analysis, and more.

UPC company logo on a transparent background

The most useful Roivenue feature for UPC is the well-designed attribution modeling including custom models. It is also a very comfortable tool to work with, presenting data in easy to use format. It helps us to be truly data-driven.

Denis Nemsak

Online Performance Manager, UPC


plugin for chrome, extension
Roivenue Chrome Plugin

Embed AI-driven insights directly into your ad platforms. Empower every stakeholder with immediate access to Roivenue data they need, where they need it.

export from roivenue to google ads to optimize bidding
Automatic Bidding

Simplify ad optimization with AI-driven conversion data. Seamlessly import results to your ad platforms and let their algorithms maximize campaign performance.

roivenue application, configurable dashboard
Configurable Dashboards

Create personalized dashboards with granular views for smarter teamwork. Visualize insights split by countries, platforms or channels for streamlined collaboration and decision-making.

roivenue application, performance analysis
Performance Analysis

Gain speed and clarity for agile marketing management. Performance Analysis immediately uncovers gaps in your marketing mix, KPI correlations, and long-term performance trends.

roivenue application, dimension breakdown
Dimension Breakdown

Understand what drives results by drilling down into performance data by country, platform, campaign, and other dimensions. Discover the channels that truly contribute to sales.

roivenue application, targets

Simplify goal tracking and optimize campaigns faster. Utilize Roivenue's automated goal evaluation to see real-time progress towards your business objectives.

roivenue application, budget optimizer
Budget Optimizer

Optimize your budget for maximum impact. Get actionable insights to shift spend from overspent channels to those with high growth potential.

DER touristik company logo on a transparent background

The art of great marketing is 50% data and 50% of creativity. Only half of the job is done without the data. Roivenue gives you all the insights you need to do your job better than ever and bring maximum results.

E-Commerce Manager CEE

Jana Galvis

E-Commerce Manager CEE, DER Touristik

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