The best analytics, optimization & attribution suite for ecommerce

All your marketing data in one place to save time.
AI-powered attribution to show the truth.
Predictive analytics to maximize your revenue and profit.

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Packed with features to help you increase marketing ROI

Dashboard ico-dashboard
Process explorer ico-process-ex
Dimensions explorer ico-dimensions
Dimensions & metrics editor ico-dimensions-metrics
AI-powered attribution ico-attribution
Budget optimizer ico-budget
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Marketing plans ico-marketing
ico-dashboard Dashboard

See the whole marketing picture

All your marketing data can now be in the same place. There’s no longer any need to switch between various systems to evaluate marketing performance.

Just set the date range, choose granularity and pick the desired attribution model.

ico-process-ex Process explorer

Access any advertising measure in two clicks

Choose up to three metrics or KPIs and examine mutual relationship. Easily compare performance with previous periods or custom date ranges.

Understand where success is coming from, monitor impact of changes and expose underperforming touchpoints.

ico-dimensions Dimensions explorer

Zoom in on the details

Discover how totals break down into their individual components. Analyze performance metrics and KPIs across dimensions to uncover actionable insights.

Choose between last-click, time-decay and data-driven attribution models to get your desired view.

ico-dimensions-metrics Dimensions & metrics editor

Customize your dimensions and metrics

Create custom dimensions or metrics to collect and analyze the data that matters to your business.

Aggregate or filter data by dimensions to easily track performance across channels and campaigns.

ico-attribution AI-powered attribution

Know each channel's attribution

Our brand new attribution model is based on artificial intelligence and recurrent neural networks (RNN).

This new technology is more nimble and accurate than previously introduced methods like Markov chains and game theory.

AI-powered multichannel attribution
ico-budget Budget optimizer

Get recommendations for effective budget allocation

Our AI-based predictive model tells you how to identify over and undersaturated channels, and reallocate ad budget for maximum performance.

PRO tip: Configure Budget Optimizer for profit or revenue maximization in accordance with your marketing goals.

ico-data exports Data exports

Have your data where you need it

We hate data silos. That’s why ROIVENUE makes it easy to export your marketing data for analysis, reporting and visualisation.

Get fresh, up-to-date data, automatically exported to a spreadsheet or database. We support Google Sheets, MSSQL, MS Azure Blob Storage, CSV and JSON.

ico-marketing Marketing plans

Track performance against KPIs

Set targets for your key marketing metrics. ROIVENUE will automatically track the performance against your goals on a daily basis.

Our dashboard shows over and underperformance, so you immediately know what works, as well as what needs fixing.

As versatile as your diverse analytics needs

Any dimension

Slice and dice your data using built-in dimensions. Or, create custom ones to get exactly the level of detail your need.

Revenue & profit

Whether your business objective is revenue or profit, you can easily track and optimize both with ROIVENUE.

The right KPIs

Choose the metrics that are most important to your performance. Easily create calculated ones.

See ROIVENUE in action

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What makes ROIVENUE 2.0 the best analytics, attribution & optimization suite for ecommerce

Roivenue 2.0
Roivenue 1.0
Google Analytics
Data integration Advertising data (incl. costs) from all platforms in one place Yes Yes -
Net revenue tracking Automatic deduction of duplicated or cancelled orders and returns through integration with internal systems Yes Yes -
Gross profit tracking Integration with internal systems to import COGS (cost of goods) and matching with conversions from analytics Yes Yes -
Cross-channel attribution Credit for conversions assigned to touchpoints according to their real contribution Yes Yes Yes
AI-powered attribution Attribution modeling based on machine learning algorithms Yes - Yes
Touchpoint-level attribution Attribution modeling on campaign, ad group and custom dimension level Yes - -
Connectors for ad platforms Built-in connectors to automatically import marketing data from ad platforms Yes Yes -
Unsampled data Raw and unsampled data for any number of sessions Yes Yes -
Data granularity Daily, weekly, monthly and custom date ranges Yes - Yes
Custom dimensions & metrics Allows for creation of custom dimensions and calculated metrics Yes Yes Yes
Budget optimization Predictive modeling to assess impact of budgetary changes on revenue and profit Yes Yes -
Marketing plans Tracking performance of selected metrics against set KPIs Yes Yes -
Data exports Public API for data exports and BI integrations Yes Yes Yes
Human technical support Experienced tech expert ready to help troubleshooting potential issues Yes Yes -
Independence Attribution provider not owned by an agency, DSP or ad exchange Yes Yes -

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