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Cookieless measurement for tomorrow's marketing

Incomplete data hindering your results?
Achieve accurate attribution in a cookieless world and optimize campaigns with confidence.

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Data from different devices connected by Roivenue to one customer journey

Cross-device attribution without cookies

Roivenue Measurement collects your website’s 1st‑party data, combines it with ad platform insights, and uses advanced AI to build complete customer journeys – including every website visit and impression.

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100% GDPR and CCPA compliant

Simplify compliance, amplify results. Roivenue’s attribution solution proactively adapts to privacy laws, freeing you to focus on what matters – optimizing your marketing strategy.

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Track better data, improve marketing campaigns

Traditional tracking methods leave you with incomplete data and limited insights. Roivenue captures every visitor with maximum possible level of detail, giving you the complete picture for smarter, data‑driven decision‑making.

How it works

Get a 360-degree view of your customers. Roivenue’s powerful tracking technology unveils how they move across devices and channels, revealing the true impact of each interaction.

3 Tracking Modes

Roivenue Measurement dynamically uses one of the three tracking modes for each website visitor:

  • Full Tracking: Capture the most comprehensive data with all parameters
  • Anonymous Mode: Gather valuable info while prioritizing user privacy.
  • No Tracking: Selected users can be excluded from tracking.
Tracking Challenges

Roivenue's machine learning model leverages a multi-faceted approach to customer journey reconstruction. We collect device signatures, location data, and URL parameters to overcome cross-device and cookie-related challenges.

Product-based Pairing

If a customer views a specific product on one device, and later interacts with the same product on another, our model uses this as a signal of the same user together with all the other data points. This sophisticated approach allows for a more accurate reconstruction of the customer journey.

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Roivenue sheds another layer of light on how our marketing investments contribute to driving revenue, particularly concerning tactics such as social media marketing. It equips us with the knowledge to make informed decisions and enables us to confidently expand and invest in channels we had previously approached with caution. Furthermore, the data has assisted us in optimizing the channels we were already heavily invested in.

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Justin De Los Santos

Marketing Manager, Belami

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