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Roivenue for Data Analysts

Accelerate insight delivery with automated data harmonization

Become the marketing team’s data hero. Roivenue automates data collection and harmonization, freeing you to uncover growth insights. Showcase the strategic value of data-driven decisions.

data analyst with quote on right side
data analyst with quote on right side
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Data from Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube to Roivenue, then to AWS, CSV, and Looker Studio

Automate infrastructure, focus on insights

Say goodbye to manual data wrangling. Roivenue Connectors automates ad data collection and transformation. We eliminate data silos by seamlessly combining all that data, with your backend sources, into a single, unified dataset. Custom Dimensions empower you to prepare your data for analysis freely.

Roivenue exporting data to Google Big Query, CSV, Amazon S3, and Azure Blob Storage

Import unified data to your data warehouse for effortless insights

Unlock Limitless Data Analysis with Roivenue Exports. Automatically push Roivenue data to Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, and more. Seamlessly integrate marketing insights with data from across your organization for a truly holistic view.

Export of data from Roivenue to Azure, AWS, CSV, and BigQuery.
AI with customizable settings

Create custom attribution models that fit your company needs

Gain control over your attribution. Configure advanced settings to create a custom model that mirrors your customer journey and business goals. Empower Roivenue AI with the insights it needs and outsmart the out-of-the-box solutions with tailored insights.

Features you’ll love

Data from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Google Ads flowing through connectors to Roivenue

Automate marketing data downloads from 70+ ad platforms for always-fresh attribution results.

Roivenue application, custom dimensions
Custom Dimensions

Get the insights you need, the way you need them. Create custom dimensions that mirror your team's internal logic. Gain a deeper understanding of your data for informed decision-making.

impressions from youtube, instagram, pinterest, snapchat, tiktok, facebook, google ads
Synthetic Impressions

Demystify walled-garden performance with unique Synthetic Impressions methodology. Measure the true impact of impressions in Meta, YouTube, TikTok and in other platforms on your profit.

Roivenue detecting one user across tablet, notebook, and mobile devices
Identity Resolution

Unify customer journeys across devices, sessions and channels. Our AI-powered identity resolution gives you the complete customer view that cookie-based approach can't provide.

Roivenue AI-driven attribution model weighting conversion share across different platforms
AI-driven Attribution Model

Discover the precise impact of each touchpoint on ROI and make smarter decisions. Our machine learning model automatically works across data granularities, empowering both strategic and day-to-day optimization.

AI with customizable settings
Attribution Customization

Go beyond one-size-fits-all attribution. Customize our AI-driven model to your needs, test for the perfect fit, and unlock truly tailored insights for data-driven marketing.

export from roivenue application to lookers studio, aws, azure, csv

Integrate Roivenue data with Azure, Google BigQuery, Amazon S3, and more. Export daily for always-fresh insights, allowing you to create comprehensive data analytics within your warehouse.

Export of detailed customer journey with touchpoints
Raw Path Export

Empower your data team with touchpoint-level dataset. Utilize data from our advanced measurement for unlimited analysis possibilities like CLV projections, unique attribution models, in-depth discount code analysis, and more.

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The reports based on the exports from Roivenue became a game-changer for us! The wave of enthusiasm was spreading from department to department and after some time we’ve realised that our daily work is much easier and smoother now. It did move our business forward.

Head of Country Managers

Hana Svobodova

Head of Country Managers, Robot Word

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