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Transform data chaos into a single source of marketing truth

Roivenue automates data collection and cleansing, unifying disparate sources across countries, platforms, and ad accounts into one comprehensive dataset.

Roivenue collects data from YouTube, Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest
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Roivenue has connectors for TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Azure, Bing, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads

70+ pre-built connectors for effortless data integration

Stop wasting your time on data reporting. Seamlessly connect your data sources, then let Roivenue Connectors do the heavy lifting. Start harmonizing, transforming, and analyzing your data in minutes – no coding required.

computer screen with a gear icon and adjustable settings sliders, representing customization options

Build your perfect dataset: create custom dimensions and metrics

Empower your team with tailored insights. Roivenue’s Custom Dimensions and Measures let you slice and dice your unified data into meaningful segments. Create multiple drill-downs, track attribution for each dimension, and easily export the reports your stakeholders need.

computer screen with a gear icon and adjustable settings sliders, representing customization options
Roivenue exporting data to Google Big Query, CSV, Amazon S3, and Azure Blob Storage

Roivenue data exports: fuel your business intelligence

Empower your data team with seamless data access. Automate Roivenue exports to your chosen data warehouse, freeing up resources for strategic analysis. Combine your marketing data with other sources, build comprehensive dashboards, and unlock the full potential of your insights.

How it works

Discover example how Roivenue transforms messy marketing data into actionable insights.

Data Harmonization

Roivenue Connectors streamline data harmonization.

  • Different platforms often use different terms (like 'impressions' vs. 'views'). You can unify naming with Roivenue.
  • Another example can be splitting campaign names into multiple columns based on information you keep as part of naming - like geo targeting or product category.
Custom Dimensions

Once data is in Roivenue, create custom rules to group campaigns freely. For example, consolidate all shopping campaigns into a "Shopping" channel or create separate channels per region. Unlimited custom dimensions mean each stakeholder gets the insights they need in an easy to use format.

Automatic Export

Empower your team with the right data. Build custom reports with the dimensions and metrics each stakeholder needs. Share a platform-level view with C-suite executives and provide granular creative-level data with your channel specialists.

Check what our clients love about Roivenue

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Saving 10 hours a week on manual exports from ad platforms, With Roivenue connectors we have campaign data from all advertising platforms in Azure. Data gets refreshed automatically and my team can now focus on the actual analytics work instead of burning time on gathering the data. 

Frantisek Olejar

Data Engineer , Factcool

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