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Master upper funnel attribution: your key to data‑driven growth

Incomplete data hindering your results? Achieve accurate attribution in a cookieless world and optimize campaigns with confidence.

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Struggling to justify upper funnel spend? Uncover its true value

Over 95 % of digital marketing spend is allocated to lower-funnel campaigns because marketers struggle to prove the impact of display and video. This makes marketing unnecessarily expensive. Get ahead of the competition by accurately measuring upper-funnel performance. Find the potential of these channels and drive a higher ROAS.

Roivenue sees beyond walled gardens, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok

See beyond the Walls: get accurate attribution for social media campaigns

Escape the walled garden trap and understand the true impact of your social media spend. Platforms like Meta, TikTok, YouTube, and Snap inflate results to keep you investing. Roivenue’s unique Synthetic Impressions Methodology breaks down those walls, combining data from all sources to reveal the genuine ROI of your social campaigns.

Roivenue sees beyond walled gardens, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok
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RTB & direct deal tracking: the Roivenue Pixel's cookie-less solution

Gain complete visibility into your display ad performance. Our pixel tracks impressions across DSPs without relying on third-party cookies. Advanced AI then integrates these impressions into a comprehensive cross-device customer journey view.

How it works

Crack the Impression Attribution Code. Explore our cutting-edge methodologies for measuring impressions across every channel.

Synthetic Impressions

Demystify walled-garden performance with unique Synthetic Impressions methodology. We collect granular data from platforms like Meta, YouTube or TikTok and deploy a methodology to generate artificial impression touchpoints into the existing customer journeys. This effectively solves the challenge of evaluating ROI of social media advertising.

Pixel Measurement

Overcome cookie limitations with Roivenue's pixel. Track all impressions across DSPs and other platforms that support pixel tracking. Our machine learning models utilize collected parameters to connect these impressions with the rest of the customer journey, even when cookies are not available.

Adjustable Path Length

Gain deeper insight into long-term campaign impact with adjustable lookback windows. Analyze customer journeys across days, weeks, or even months to understand how touchpoints influence conversions in time.

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Impression analysis helped us to uncover another important part of customer behaviour. For example, it turned out that we looked at Facebook very strictly from a performance marketing perspective. Roivenue showed that some activities on social media have a greater impact on the purchasing process than we thought. This led us to change our tactics.

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