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Roivenue for CMOs and Digital team leaders

Drive strategic growth from a single source of truth

Make data-driven decisions with confidence. Empower your team with the insights you need to drive scalable growth.

Chief marketing officer with quote on right side
Chief marketing officer with quote on right side
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Publicis Groupe
Data from Pinterest, Google Ads, and Facebook flowing into Roivenue, which then processes and distributes to different users

Establish a single source of truth for you and the board

Eliminate data chaos and streamline decision-making. Roivenue creates a single source of truth for your team and the board. Unify data, tailor views for each stakeholder, and shift your meetings from debating data discrepancies to driving results.

Track every visitor, maximize results, stay GDPR compliant

Traditional tracking methods limit your insights because of the inaccurate cookie-based methodology and pose compliance risks. Roivenue Measurement captures every visit or impression, giving you the complete data picture you need for optimal results – all while ensuring full GDPR compliance.

Group of users: orange-green measured with Google Analytics and all with Roivenue
Data flows from Roivenue to users and campaigns on Google Ads, TikTok, Facebook, optimizing spending

Accelerate growth with Data‑Driven decisions

Leverage data to outmaneuver your competition. Roivenue empowers you to identify high-potential channels and optimize your marketing budget allocation. Uncover strategic shifts that unlock significant savings and fuel new growth – all backed by undeniable data that resonates with stakeholders.

Features you’ll love

roivenue application, configurable dashboard
Configurable Dashboards

Create personalized dashboards with granular views for smarter teamwork. Visualize insights split by countries, platforms or channels for streamlined collaboration and decision-making.

Graph in Roivenue application showing gross profit and gross margin
Margin Integration

Complete the data with backend insights for maximum profit optimization. Include returns, cancellations, and more to get precise ROI reporting. Use this data to enhance your CLV & CAC analysis.

features_attribution_customer journey
Customer Journeys

Combine impressions and visits from all sources for a complete customer journey view. Discover which channels drive acquisition, conversions, and maximize CLV.

Data from various devices migrated through the cloud to Roivenue
Roivenue Measurement

Go beyond cookie limitations. Deploy Roivenue Measurement for accurate cross-device tracking. Get the first-party data you need, combined with all your other data for powerful attribution while staying 100% GDPR compliant.

Roivenue detecting one user across tablet, notebook, and mobile devices
Identity Resolution

Unify customer journeys across devices, sessions and channels. Our AI-powered identity resolution gives you the complete customer view that cookie-based approach can't provide.

roivenue application, targets

Simplify goal tracking and optimize campaigns faster. Utilize Roivenue's automated goal evaluation to see real-time progress towards your business objectives.

impressions from youtube, instagram, pinterest, snapchat, tiktok, facebook, google ads
Synthetic Impressions

Demystify walled-garden performance with unique Synthetic Impressions methodology. Measure the true impact of impressions in Meta, YouTube, TikTok and in other platforms on your profit.

Three users at computers with speech bubbles and the Roivenue logo above, indicating communication and support
Team of Consultants

Lacking specialized ecommerce insights? Our expert consultants partner with your team, providing the strategic knowledge and cross-industry experience you need to thrive in competitive markets.

Datart company logo on a blue background

Thanks to Roivenue’s data-driven attribution analysis we were finally able to understand each channel’s true effectiveness. When we reallocated budgets towards the best-performing ones, we immediately saw an uplift in the overall performance.

Tomas Kral

Online Performance Manager, Datart

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