Walled Gardens of Facebook (and others) FINALLY CRACKED: Introducing Synthetic Impressions™

March 6, 2023
• Author: Fabian Maume


Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018, Facebook closed off their impression data to third-party measurement tools, meaning that objective evaluation of 25% of global digital ad revenue has been impossible to achieve for years.


To exacerbate this, many other platforms – including Pinterest, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Youtube – followed suit making measurement and attribution going beyond clicks highly unreliable to say the least.


All that is changing now, thanks to Roivenue’s Synthetic Touchpoints technology.


Roivenue - a leading MTA (multi-touch attribution) provider, recently acquired by ScanmarQED, just introduced an innovative method based on Synthetic Touchpoints that correctly assigns 90+% of impressions to converting customer journeys, finally cracking the longstanding problem of Walled Gardens and making the true ROI of display formats a reality.


In our upcoming webinar, Pavel Sima from Roivenue SVP of MTA global, and his guests (brand advertisers) will discuss a range of topics:

  • Why do walled gardens represent such a problem to attribution?
  • How can Synthetic Touchpoints accurately assess the contribution of impressions served via any
    walled garden platform?
  • What are typical results - including real life data from a big electronics retailer (case study?)
  • How can you test drive this latest MTA innovation and which platforms are already supported?


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