Roivenue product update: May 2023

May 4, 2023
• Author: Richard Dyntera


A new exciting product release is here. What is new? Improved layout of the page, redesigned date range picker, completely new feature and more! Read more about it bellow!

TL;DR - Key Takeaways:

Roivenue app got multiple updates! Features that have been exclusive only to Beta have been merged to the "normal" version of the app. So... what is new?

  • We are introducing a new feature: Bookmarks to make your daily work with the app easier;
  • Overall layout of the app is simpler, more intuitive and getting prepared for mobile;
  • Left menu is customisable with more understandable menu item names;
  • There is a redesigned date range picker;
  • Header of the page is airy and more minimalistic;

We are really excited about this product update! Many months of app development are finally visible to the users, so let us know what you think!



Improved app design

Product release under magnifier:

Save hours with Bookmarks!

Did you spot the new button in the header section saying "Save to menu"?


This is the Bookmark button. The button will allow you to name and save the current state of the page into the left menu.

With just one click, you'll be able to access all of your saved bookmarks and quickly return to any configuration you've created. You won't have to spend hours monthly on clicking out the same configuration all over again.

What parameters exactly gets saved? The date range (fixed or variable), filters in filter panel, attribution model or any other possible configurations of the page.

Currently, we're limiting bookmarks to five, but we're working on a solution that will allow for even more bookmarks in the future. Stay tuned!

Work more efficiently with redesigned date picker

Probably the biggest pain of our previous date picker was the "compare with" mode. This section was quite unintuitive, there were unnecessary options which made it confusing and mainly, our users were not able to easily compare 2 dates matching days of week. With the new version, there are only 4 options:

  • Previous period (match weekday)
  • Year-on-Year (match weekday)
  • Previous period
  • Year-on-Year


Redesigned date range picker

Since the selected granularity matters, when selecting the date range, it made sense to include the granularity dropdown in the date picker. That means, when you choose a weekly granularity, you will be able to select weekly increments, and the same goes for daily granularity and weekly increments.

The overall work with the date picker feels easier as there are arrows to move by 12 months or because the date picker is bigger so it is easier to click on it or because you are able to scroll, when you manually select dates.

Roivenue got a new look!

We've made a number of design updates for this May release of the app. The application overall layout looks differently and has been optimized for responsive mobile design. Also, we tried to adjust the header of the page to create a more spacious and minimalistic feel that's easier to navigate.

Our goal with these updates is to create a more intuitive and friendly experience for our users. We would like to continue making improvements to other areas of the app, such as the Roivenue dashboards and filter panel.

Interested in what we are planning or have some idea what could be improved there? Hit us up on

Customise left menu according to your needs

The May product release has finally brought some changes to the app's left menu, giving it a modern and intuitive feel.


Show/hide feature of left menu

The menu can be shown or hidden. Furthermore, the menu can rearrange items using a drag-and-drop editor. We’ve also improved the names of menu items to make it clearer what each feature does. We’ve changed:

  • "Attribution Analysis" to "Model Comparison";
  • "Process Explorer" to "Performance Analysis";
  • "Dimension Explorer" -> "Dimension Breakdown";
  • There is a new "Attribution" folder";
  • "Insights" are called "Reports";
  • and lastly everything data related is in the "Data" folder;

And, most importantly, we introduced Bookmarks to the left menu.