Roivenue Joins Forces With ScanmarQED, Providing a World-Class Data-Driven Solution for Marketers

November 22, 2022
• Author: Richard Dyntera


Since 2015, our mission in Roivenue has been to help marketers achieve more with their online budgets by providing smart analytics technology. In 2018, we raised our first investment round as well as signed our first client outside of the Czech Republic.


Within the next 4 years we improved the product with award winning AI, and spread across Europe, the Middle East and the US to more than 13 countries.


Today, we are proudly announcing that we were acquired by the Netherlands based company, ScanmarQED, which shares a very similar vision and will allow us to get smart analytics tech to marketers around the world much faster.


Today, we are introducing the industry’s first free trial capability – a completely self-onboarding flow where you don’t need to talk to salespeople, ask for budget approvals or input your credit card. 


About ScanmarQED

ScanmarQED is a leading global player in Marketing Accountability software, providing a holistic view of all marketing activities. With offices in mainland Europe, UK and US, ScanmarQED provide a wide range of tools for marketers and data insights for the most complex of setups.


Our data-driven attribution is a great addition to their solutions ranging from marketing mix modeling through revenue forecasting to brand activities evaluation.


What does it mean for you?

First, we would like to assure you that Roivenue is going to stick around. Not only that, but it will get better!


We’re keeping our name, our product and our people – including the CEO and founders – who are dedicated to staying with the company to drive future growth...


We’re also keeping all the existing Roivenue products as they are. 

Except they are going to change soon. For the better… 


Our new owners want to invest more in Roivenue’s engineering capability, which means that even more features are coming to Roivenue soon! 


Our goal is to compete with the best solutions on the US and international market. You can expect not only new features in Roivenue, but also further improvements in our customer service. Thanks to the know-how from ScanmarQED, we will be able to work on more exciting projects with you, our clients, to help you unlock new hidden sources of revenue.


As mentioned, ScanmarQED is provides marketing solutions which can help you achieve your business goals more efficiently. If you are interested in checking them out, you can do so by clicking the button below.




We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and for trusting us with your marketing budgets. We stay committed to getting even better and to keep helping you with your marketing and revenue ambitions.