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7 Tips How to Save Your Marketing Budget with Data-Driven Decisions

We’re launching a 7-part series of short webinars, including everything you wanted to know saving some of your marketing budget with ROIVENUE!


At Roivenue, we’re always striving to provide more to our partners and clients. For 2022 we’ve decided to offer something completely new. 


Therefore, effective immediately, we are launching a webinar series “7 Tips How to Save Your Marketing Budget with Data-Driven Decisions“, to everybody and free of costs!


The foundational research we undertook revealed there is demand both for strategic topics related to e-commerce for C-level executives and more practical topics for those personally taking care of digital campaigns.


The ROIVENUE series will be led by Milan Knapp and Lukáš Holý, our Client Success Managers.


There will be space for asking questions both during the session and beforehand. With this opportunity to specify which details are the most interesting for given topics, you can ensure you’ll receive the insights that will make a difference in your day-to-day efforts.


There will be one session per week, starting on May 19th!


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