Product update: Configurable Dashboard

November 27, 2023
• Author: Nikol


Let’s collaborate with new Configurable Dashboards!


With the introduction of Configurable Dashboards Roivenue presents its latest feature, simplifying workflows and enhancing reporting. Customize and adjust dashboards effortlessly, whether for personal use or seamless sharing with others! 


Create your personalized dashboard 


Configurable Dashboards empower you to effortlessly create a personalized dashboard tailored to your specific needs. Seamlessly add graphs or tables from the app into widgets on the dashboard for a quick and comprehensive overview.  



Easy widget customization 


The widget system simplifies the process of adding, resizing, and rearranging components on your homepage. No longer constrained by rigid interfaces, Configurable Dashboards allow you to arrange elements as you want. 



Multiple private and shared dashboards 


Efficiently organize your data with the flexibility to categorize it into multiple dashboards. You can also choose to keep dashboards private or share them with your colleagues. This promotes efficient access to relevant information across teams, whether in marketing, sales or the executive board. 


Now let's take a deeper look at how you can use dashboards 


As mentioned earlier, you have the flexibility to create a unique dashboard for every need. Easily generate an overview dashboard showcasing the performance of different countries, for example to help identify the platform with the highest revenue or point out sites that need attention. Customize it for a specific month or opt for a flexible date range, then seamlessly share it with your CMO. Save time by efficiently sharing a dashboard with the most relevant information. 




Choose your preferred data presentation format, whether through graphs, charts, or specific numbers in tables – the decision is yours. The process is straightforward; simply select it in the app and add it into your dashboard. 

Effortlessly highlight and share the important data with others. Decide whether to share your dashboard with viewer access, enabling others to review what you've created, or establish a collaborative board where everyone can contribute what is important.  




Roivenue’s Configurable Dashboards are designed to meet diverse needs, enabling the generation of a high-level overview that offers a snapshot of key metrics and strategic insights, ideal for sharing with colleagues or CMOs. Simultaneously, specialists can create a detailed view tailored to fit specific needs. With Roivenue's Configurable Dashboards, every team member can seamlessly access precisely what they need. 


Ready to experience the power of Configurable Dashboards?