Case Studies
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Case Studies
Score Cards
​ROIVENUE™ is in the TOP 15 most important marketing attribution vendors
Research and Markets has named ROIVENUE™ as one of the TOP 15 major vendors offering multi-touch marketing attribution software and services worldwide.
Google Analytics Default Setting skews 20% of your Conversion Data! Here's how to fix it
Have you ever heard of Campaign timeout setting within Google Analytics? Almost no one has and it is skewing most of your data. Let's have a look at the problem and how …
Unleash the Marketing Beast 50/50 offer for growing E-Commerce Tigers
Read on if you are an e-commerce tiger who grow so fast that everything is in constant flux for you. ​
Biggest trends we spotted at DMEXCO 2018: Attribution, CLV and CMO-CFO relationships
DMEXCO is the best place to learn about trends in digital for the upcoming year. Our own Jan Randus distilled the trends for you and it all boils down to these three …
Roivenue's Take on GDPR
Roivenue values the privacy of it's clients as well as it's clients users, so here is just a quick summary of how we approach GDPR.
Attribution Modelling for Dummies (And Marketers)
Our CEO, Pavel Sima made a short recap of different attribution models using just simple, real-life metaphors. Finally you will be able to understand them and recall them with ease.
​Roivenue gets up to 2,2M EUR ​to scale up it's attribution and data integration suite

by alejandro

For long, we thought bootstrapping was a way to go. But now we've found the perfect partner in crime for our international expansion.

Roivenue has seen a Record Growth of 430% and is Doubling Down on its Attribution Product ​
2017 was a very fortunate year for us here at Roivenue.​ Doubling the team and number of clients, product improvements, new offices in three new countries and much more. Check what's new!
5 Reasons Why Google Analytics Isn't Enough
Getting the most out of the data flowing into your business can be challenging. Native and free tools are a good start, but they can't do everything.
Here’s Why We Decided to Give 10% of the Company to our Employees
Roivenue is defined by our incredible colleagues who believe there's a better way of digital marketing and are willing to do what it takes to prove to the world that it is …
Google Attribution for Free is Finally Going to Solve all Marketers' Problems. Or is it?
​Maybe, maybe not. Read up on why independent data is the key to sound, reliable measurement, and how Roivenue works its magic to enhance your marketing. ​
Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing ROI
You have the data, you just need the right tools and the right approach to enhance your marketing return on investment. Read here about how to invest intelligently with Roivenue's attribution model.
Manage Complex Marketing Environments
Watch as Tomáš Mikletič discusses how using the correct marketing tools can create more time to get meaningful work completed.
Getting Started with Microsoft Power BI
Excel is great, but Microsoft Power BI is just too enhanced not to use. It's incredible capabilities can be utilized for data viz and much more.
An Introduction to Marketing Attribution
Not all attribution models are built the same. Here's what you need to know. From first touch to last touch, all the way to Markov Chains, Martin Faith breaks down the types …
Make Conversion Rate Meaningful
Everyone loves conversion rates, but without greater context, its not nearly as important as some marketers believe. Read about how effectively measure conversion rates.