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​”To reach incredible growth you need high-quality, accurate data you

can rely on. Roivenue automatically processes data from all marketing

channels and e-shops and facilitates (makes simpler) important decisions.”


Pavlína Louženská

Marketing Director, ZOOT a.s.

It’s a fact, e-shops and e-commerce businesses invest heavily in customer acquisition. The key to getting your acquisition spend

right – efficient, profitable, nimble, data-driven – is to look at one metric: Margin Return on Marketing Investment (mROMI), the

go-to metric for the entire industry.


ZOOT.cz, a user-friendly fashion and design e-shop, had an ambitious idea. We were tasked to bring in as many new customers as

we could. The result was quite positive. ZOOT.cz increased acquisitions by 36% and kept its marketing investment in client

acquisition at a positive zero.


Here’s how we got there.


Challenge: Acquire as many new customers as possible

The big picture was that ZOOT.cz wanted as many new customers as possible at the lowest possible cost. To do this, we used

Roivenue to unify all of ZOOT.cz’s data streams allocated between the internal marketing team and external marketing and

media buying agencies.


Our solution: setting a limit price for acquisition

Based on ZOOT.cz’s data, we were able to predict Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). We used this value to set a ceiling for customer

acquisition costs. This limit was our guiding priniciple for how marketing investments were managed.


Investments to specific channels were set up to maximize mROMI. Some channels and campaigns were reduced, and other were

strengthened, according to their real contribution toward customer acquisition. Using Roivenue, and in tandem with the ZOOT.cz

team, we evaluated and adjusted the online marketing budget distribution several times monthly.

The result: price of acquisition is covered by the margin

ZOOT.cz increased weekly turnover by 40% and new customers number by 36%. Its marketing budget is at 180% of the original

spend. Because we were able to keep mROMI at positive zero, all of these gains were made with no negative expenditures or

costs to the business.


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