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By: Zach Peterson


Data has become the foundation of modern business, but business knowledge of how to use it to its full potential has not kept

pace. We held an event with our colleagues from AT Internet in an effort to help marketers understand that marketing ROI is

both achievable and provable.


The digital marketing and advertising environment grows more complicated and disparate almost daily, with data flowing in to

businesses from dozens or even hundreds of sources.


With better data, comes better decisions. Here, Roivenue’s Pavel Sima discussed how Roivenue’s data-driven attribution

modelling allows marketers to invest intelligently. The days of last-click and first-touch attribution are gone, watch the

presentation to find out why.



Measuring performance means measuring performance everywhere. Consumers are mobile, but mobile is but a part of a larger,

multi-device ecosystem. Marketers and advertisers need to know how their mobile products are performing and, even more

importantly, that data needs to be part of their larger analytical framework. Adrien Guenther from AT Internet discusses more




Roivenue helps you measure, analyze, and improve your marketing ROI. Get in touch to start making your marketing investment

do more for your business.



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