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There are different ways to measure your marketing ROI, but the best one so far is multi-touch data-driven attribution. This

attribution approach allows marketers to identify the channels or ads that are making the biggest contribution to sales, and

those that are cannibalising the efforts of others. Having a better handle on which advertisement channel is performing the

best is the key to achieving your optimal sales performance. This is only possible by integrating the right marketing data

into a marketing intelligence platform such as ROIVENUE™.


RoivenueMarketing Attribution – The Best Option


There are usually tens of thousands of different customer journeys within a single company’s dataset. However, there is

no way a human can accurately analyse all this data and come up with valuable insights. Combining machine learning with

marketing data can help us find the best possible combination of marketing channels to increase sales and maximise

marketing ROI.


Using a marketing attribution tool can give marketers not only the best combination of channels to increase single purchases

but also go beyond that by presenting the best channel combination to maximise customer lifetime value. For example, a typical

retail campaign will have over 15 different channels, with hundreds of different versions of the same ad spread throughout the

marketing mix.


Marketing attribution employs machine learning to help marketers make sense of their data and choose the right channels or

ads that are converting the most. In one case study, Orange Telecom reshuffled its ad spend to the best-performing publisher

and saw an increase in marketing ROI without needing to increase its overall budget.


Therefore, by adopting a Roivenue™ marketing attribution tool, marketers can finally stop flushing billions of pounds down the

toilet and maximise their marketing ROI.​