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By: Pavel Sima, Roivenue CEO
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For a long time, we thought bootstrapping was the way to go. With 100% ownership of the company, you don’t

need to compromise on strategy and big decisions. Most importantly, not on anything product related.


With the ferocious determination of the founders, incredibly hard work of the early team, and open-mindedness

of our first clients, we’ve managed to plant seeds of the Roivenue “tribe”. We’ve achieved 430% year-over-year

growth and influenced the way contemporary marketing is done.


We’ve found energy and appreciation in YOU and, together, we’ve managed to achieve things we thought we

would find in the future, but it’s all happening now instead!


YOU (our clients) say that you “finally know how to increase ROI of online spending by up to 180%” or that you

grew the business by 120% y-o-y”. Together with YOU we’ve received a bunch of marketing awards (the most

valuable of which was the “ROIking” special category that we snatched from much much bigger brands), and

thanks to YOU we made it to be among the TOP 5 Czech start-ups of 2018 (out of 400 applicants!).


We are already a #1 attribution vendor in CEE and we are ready to expand.


The future indeed seems bright for the Roivenue tribe.


What we realized though is that what matters most to marketers after all is NOW.


And, we can only improve the NOW if we can get our tech into their hands ASAP.


Inevitably, we can’t do bootstrap no more. It’s just too slow.


That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that not only have we decided to take up to 2,2M EUR investment so that

we can get as many new clients through the door as humanly possible, but also we found a partner with whom

we don’t need to compromise on anything.


With its sizeable digital and e-commerce portfolio and more than 15 years of experience in digital

entrepreneurship, Pale Fire Capital (represented by Barta, Senkypl and Holy) is the perfect partner in crime for

our international expansion.


We just love the fact that our new partners fully back our mission to find a better, smarter more transparent and

effective way to handle your budget and generate more revenue through the channels you employ.


Pale Fire + Roivenue fully believe companies all across Europe are ready to join the movement. Starting with the

UK, we are dedicated to make that upgrade happen.


In order to achieve the goals we’ve set for the following year we are looking for people to join our rising “tribe”.

People who want to ride the wave with us and make the most of it. First European and eventually World

domination for our tribe.


We’re most likely to end up friends along the way. Cause that’s just how we roll.


We’re in need of friends that can help us grow through hard work but also imagination since it would be boring

to go where others have already been. We want creative people to whom we offer freedom of creation and trust

in their vision. We want developers that want flexibility in solving problems only if they believe that it is their

duty to give code back to the community and enrol in our open source projects. Sales people that are able to

convince clients we can make them money in ways they were not aware before.


Finally, we seek clients who’s feedback we will immediately use to build a world-class tool that make CMOs

achieve what they thought impossible.


P. S. As I am a practical guy above all, let me give you a hint: There will never be a better time to join Roivenue

as a colleague or a client. The future leaders of our organization are being initiated right now. And as for the

clients, our pricing is inevitably going to move north in the coming months.


So, write us on to check our open positions and our offering NOW rather than in the future.