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By: Pavel Šíma, Roivenue CEO
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Recently, I ran the numbers and found out that, on average, clients who are with us for at least a year see a 30% increase in

their revenue, while achieving a 15% increase in ROI. It means they make more and spend less.


Our goal with a current round of financing is to reach 200 clients in three years time.


Put in real terms, the increase in ROI based on the 30% increase in annual revenue would mean our clients would have an

average yearly revenue of 100,000,000 EUR – with 30,000,000 EUR of newly-generated revenue from Roivenue.


And when I say Roivenue, it means nothing else than our loving, smart, hard-working, talented, and dedicated colleagues

who believe there’s a better way of doing digital marketing, and have the guts to put several years of their careers in to

prove to the world that it really is the case.


I once read that with a young company in your hands you stand a chance of creating a little universe where everything can

be just right. In my world, I believe that it is only fair that the same people I meet in the office long after the official office

hours should reap the benefits if and when the company succeeds.



If a couple of years down the road we turn out to be a major success, I want everybody to be able to buy an apartment. And,

if we turn out to be only a moderate success, then I would love our employees to have the liberty to take a short career break

and travel around the world – or sit and read books for 6 months – without the need to go to work.


Life is short and those who work hard, should be allowed to play hard as a reward.


That’s why we decided to distribute 10% of the company shares to our key personnel as well as to every full time employee.



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