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ROIVENUE™ COVID-19 Shield is here

Get your free e-commerce cashflow dashboard to cope with the uncertainty

  • 1Watch your Revenue & all Ad Spend on a Daily basis. Updated in the morning
  • 2Don’t panic. Make decisions based on numbers
  • 3Just 15 mins of your time to set‑up. That’s it. No strings attached!

To all e-commerce founders and managers: We are with you!

E-commerce businesses are going through turbulent days. We’ve seen ad investments drop by 50% on average. Revenue follows close behind. No one knows how consumers in quarantine will react tomorrow. Managers are trying to form the best response to this crisis, but not everybody has actionable data at their fingertips.

Getting BI right is not easy. However, the essentials can be done within hours. If you need to base your decisions on real daily numbers of cash inflow and outflow, take advantage of our offer.

ROIVENUE was born from e-commerce scene and we don’t want to see it go. It’s only sensible that in the time of crisis we will dedicate our time, tools and computational capacity to help e-commerce businesses out. Since the quarantine started our team has been working around the clock to put together ROIVENUE CASHFLOW SHIELD. In the first days we have provided all our clients with it.

Now we are giving it to everyone.

To all the owners, CEOs, CFOs and CMOs out there: We are with you!

What do I need to do? Almost nothing

  • Leave your contact info below.
  • Our team member with get back to you.
  • Send us credentials for ad platforms and your web analytics.
  • Give us a couple of hours for set-up.
  • Watch daily updated cash inflow and outflow.

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ROIVENUE is a leading digital analytics firm with clients such as Vodafone and strict security measures. You don’t have to worry about data security.