Here’s Why We Decided to Give 10% of the Company to Our Employees

October 22, 2019
• Author: Richard Dyntera



We're all in this together. If the ones that are making the magic happen can't enjoy it, than there's not much point.

Recently, I ran the numbers and found out that, on average, clients who are with us for at least a year see a 30% increase in their revenue, while achieving a 15% increase in ROI. Plain and simple: they make more and spend less. 


Our goal with this current round of financing is to reach 200 clients in three years time.  To put it into real terms, the increase in ROI is based on the 30% increase in annual revenue. This would mean our clients would have an average yearly revenue of 100,000,000 EUR – with 30,000,000 EUR of this newly-generated revenue coming from Roivenue.


And when I say Roivenue, I mean nothing else than our loving, smart, hard-working, talented, and dedicated colleagues who believe there’s a better way of doing digital marketing, and have the guts to put several years of their careers in to prove to the world that it really is the case.


I once read that with a young company in your hands, you're offered the chance of creating a little universe where everything can be just right. I believe that it is only fair that the same people I meet in the office long after the official office hours should reap the benefits, if and when, the company succeeds.



If a couple of years down the road we turn out to be a major success, I want everybody to be able to buy an apartment. And, if we turn out to be only a moderate success, then I would love for our employees to have the liberty of taking a short career break and traveling around the world – or siting and reading books for 6 months – without the need to go to work.


Life is short and those who work hard, should be allowed to play hard as a reward.

That’s why we decided to distribute 10% of the company shares to our key personnel, as well as to every full time employee.


If you share the same values that we do, write us at, or see our open positions here.