“Over just one business quarter we were able to grow our marketing profit by tenfold on one of our largest e-commerce projects. This was accomplished while maintaining the same revenue by managing our budgets weekly with ROIVENUE.“ Tomáš Mikletič, E-Commerce Business Development Manager

A better way to make decisions

What does it look like to manage fourteen e-commerce websites in seven countries? 

Honestly, it mainly consists of: evaluations, budget decisions, people decisions, meetings, costs, and more evaluations… It can definitely get overwhelming without a proper marketing management system. Tomas is quick to point out that one of these can help out a great deal.

”Roivenue gave us the ability to manage marketing for all stores weekly and it definitely helped us to increase growth. One year after implementing and working with the tool, we hit 120% year-over-year growth, which was the fastest rate in the company’s 10 year history”.

Tomáš Mikletič is an E-Commerce Business Development Manager. He has been working for more than 10 years in Online Marketing and manages over a dozen E-Shops. The advertising budgets under his management amount to over 10 million EUR across several countries. There are few challenges that he and his team haven’t seen before.

We succeeded in helping achieve this triple digit annual growth on a number of e-shops that he managed. We were able to speed up the whole process of growth and decision making by utilizing budget optimization.

The Challenge

For many e-commerce managers it is very hard to get accurate, precise and timely data – especially when dealing with a large number of e-shops at the same time. Google Analytics is just not enough. GA lacks: comprehensive data, the possibility to see what happened before the last click, what happened after the purchase, order status, cost of individual channels, more than one e-shop in the same report; and really, that’s only the beginning.

All of this leads to ending up with the wrong numbers, and having the wrong numbers leads to failure. How can one hope to succeed when the ability to make right decisions and optimize marketing performance is near impossible?

Further on, Tomas and his team felt like budget decisions were made solely on gut feelings. This was a reactive way of doing things and it greatly slowed many processes. Quarterly evaluation meetings for instance, took a painfully long time.

Decision on budgets and the people managing them needed to be made quickly and often, so it could be known if goals were being met.

So, long story short:

The Solution

Roivenue converted complex data into crucial business insight.

Evaluations became possible on a weekly basis instead of the former options: quarterly, monthly or annual. Further more, Roivenue’s Dashboard gave quick access to all of the important metrics:

  • What was happening before the click (impressions)​.
  • Order status (deliveries and returns).
  • What happened after the purchase.
  • The cost of individual channels.
  • The purchase price of goods sold.
  • More than one E-Shop in the same report.

Roivenue shows investments, and provides a detailed look at the performance of that investment across every channel – from start to finish.

Customers are tracked at every touch point on every online platform. Full investment is put in a single dashboard: under-performing campaigns, over-invested channels; the entire view of Marketing ROI.

Roivenue is able to connect information systems with order forms from any e-shop, while at the same time, connecting with Analytics and all marketing platforms. Entire data is integrated into one database so all e-shops can be seen in one report as opposed to clicking through each E-Shop profile.

With Roivenue, it become possible to see not only the number of conversions and orders but insights into each marketing channel, overall margin and marketing profit. Recognizing deviations from normal trends became available using the “Record Event” function which shows the date range when an exact event happened.

The reports enabled them to make fast and confident decisions to adjust investments and optimize budgets – a process which used to take months before.

The Result

What if your data was comprehensive and timely?​

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