A Roivenue Internship – your gateway to the world of digital marketing, big data and AI.

Have you noticed? The world of advertising and marketing is changing forever. We are moving to a world where algorithms, AI and personalized ads reign supreme. Roivenue is helping its clients to reach this point sooner than their competitors by making their marketing mixes more effective. For you, it means you can be part of the vanguard of change, and experience all of the new adventures that come along with it.
The internship is quite flexible as far as the specialization goes. Are you strong with social media? Help our marketing spread the word. Do you code? Join our dev team. Do you like working with people? You’ll learn how our Client Success Team perfects the art of delivering satisfaction.
As an intern, you can select any one of these specializations:

Marketing Intern
Reporting directly to our CMO, you will be directly involved in copywriting, social media, paid campaigns, market research, events (most likely including conferences abroad), product marketing and more. If you have more ideas, well, we’ll give you the support you need to make them happen.
Client Success Intern
Our clients are everything to us (of course). We deliver custom work to them, tend to their needs, fix their problems, and give them ideas – we want as many voices as possible. This is perfect for people who are interested in business, marketing, and anyone else who wants to be involved in a startup that delivers.
Big Data Intern
We deal in data – HUGE amounts of data. We’re looking for developers interested in ETL, data visualization, etc. If you studied IT, math, or any other number-crunching field, get in touch ASAP.
Business Analytics Intern
Love Excel? Can’t get enough of Power BI? Salivate at the idea of a deep-dive through analytics? If you look at data as a means for action, then this is where you want to be. We process a TON of data and are always looking to gain insights that improve our business, our clients’ businesses, and move our industry forward.

Or, if you’re not really sure what your cup of tea is yet, just come, try working on Or, if you’re not really sure what your cup of tea is, we can discuss all the possibilities during our 1st interview and together, we’ll figure out what you’re really good at and how you can grow at ROIVENUE.

We are not looking for a cheap labor to sack after two months. Quite the contrary: we want you to be a future Roivenue star with loads of responsibility. Ideally, we want to offer you a full-time position at the end of your internship tenure. (Don’t believe us? Look below for what our past interns are doing now.)

About you 

  • You are passionate about any of the following fields: digital marketing, new technologies, big data and AI.
  • You are aware that the world around you is accelerating into an algorithmic future and you really want to take a peak behind the curtain.
  • You aim high with your future career.
  • You realize experience is much more important than a pay check and you are hungry for as much new know-how as you can get.
  • You are either an employee switching to a new, more exciting industry, or a student who has no more than one year until graduation.
  • You are hard-working, flexible, and strong in analytical thinking.

The Offer 

  • If you are at least as good as you claim, we’ll offer you a full time position upon the end of your internship.
  •  A great, start-up work environment with flexible work hours and growth opportunities.
  • Be on the ground floor in an exciting, expanding industry.
  • Experience the growing environment of a start-up from early in its days to our evolution as a meaningful player – see how a company scales from the inside.
  • Work with big brands and international clients.
  • Experience with developing cutting-edge web and analytics platforms.
  • You’ll work directly with the head of the department you are in.
  • The pace you want: complete the internship with flexible hours (suitable for students) or commit to full-time and finish it faster. 
  • Company beer/BBQ every month, fridge full of beers after 5PM, plus occasional board game evenings and other activities – see our Instagram for more!

So, what will you do exactly?​

It depends on your specialization. Here are just some examples of tasks that we usually have our interns work on (not everything will necessarily apply to you):

  • Sit in on important client meetings and learn how CMO’s of big brands do marketing,
  • feed Roivenue with relevant marketing data,
  • visit international conferences and represent Roivenue at our booth,
  • prepare Business Intelligence reports and dashboards,
  • work with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and advertising platforms like Facebook to get as clean data as possible,
  • assist with new implementations of Roivenue,
  • test new Roivenue features,
  • work on custom data analytical projects for large clients,
  • make pre-sale calls to prospective leads,
  • preform competition analysis,
  • take part in team building activities, training, conferences and other social activities 🙂
  • And much much more.

What do our past interns have to say?

Martin Faith

Finished internship: 04/2017

“I enjoy working on advanced analytical solutions for our clients, while taking care of both the client relationship as well as the delivery. There is no better place for growth than a place where you have responsibility for challenging projects.

And even more, I love that my more experienced colleagues are always keen to direct me towards new useful tricks and technologies and thus help me in becoming more valuable. The reason why I chose this internship is that I wanted to learn skills which are of great value today, and will be of even greater value in the future. So far, this choice is proving to be a good one – in this respect, Crossmasters / Roivenue are consistently over-delivering.”


Alena Maslova 
Finished Internship: 07/2017

​“A while back, I started as an intern here at Roivenue, which opened the door into the world of Big Data and Marketing. Now, I’m on board and, like Alice in Wonderland, I have met great people, learned magic analytical skills, and see how miracles happen with our clients’ revenue! Presently, I am a part of that group who makes that magic happen. How cool! ”
Alena took a role of a Junior Data Scientist. Her daily routines include working with huge data sets, analyzing data with the R software, taking active part in our R&D and making sure client’s data are clean and well fed into Roivenue. 


Daniel Přikryl 
Finished Internship: 09/2017

“I was looking for a career start, that would let me prove and improve my abilities. An internship at Roivenue was just the right call since I could grow under the leadership of Pavel and learn a lot about marketing and technology at the same time. The environment is just the best I could have imagined.”

Apply now 

Your future is just around the corner. Seize this opportunity. Don’t let time get the better of you. Write us a little bit about you (CV and motivational letter) and let’s get in touch today. We are at jobs@roivenue.com

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